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What is massage?

Massage is not One size fits all

We offer a variety of options for massages depending on what you're looking for.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A Massage focused on myofascial release decreasing muscle tone and tension. Deep pressure, trigger point therapy, and breathing techniques are the primary techniques used. Clear communication about pressure and comfort will be a big focus to ensure the best results.

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Relaxation Massage

A massage to center and relax. Rest in a soothing, peaceful environment with gentle music, calming sense, and measured delicate rhythmic massage.

Includes superficial and moderate depth Swedish techniques, guided breathing, and much more.

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Therapeutic Massage

A massage tailored to your needs, depending on the areas of issue. focusing on retuning to function from acute injury or chronic dysfunction. This will include a mixture of manual techniques, assisted stretching, strengthening, and home activities.


Name Price (30 minutes) Price (60 minutes) Price (90 minutes)
Deep Tissue 71.30 CAD 127.30 CAD 186.30 CAD
Relaxation 71.30 CAD 127.30 CAD 186.30 CAD
Therapeutic 71.30 CAD 127.30 CAD 186.30 CAD
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